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Career Consulting Opportunities with Alaina

Alaina is available to do career consulting with clients.
Participants meet in person or by computer or phone to discuss any career-related issues you have including: career planning and searching, CV/resume writing, cover letter writing, professional development, professional etiquette, networking, negotiation, and various other topics. We can even do a mock interview. All consultations will be held completely confidential so you are welcome to ask whatever questions you want. Also, you are encouraged to provide your CV/resume, cover letter, or any other item you wish to have evaluated - these too remain completely confidential. Consultations can be done with professionals in any industry or field, and start at one hour. 

"I am writing to thank you for including Alaina Levine's career workshop in the schedule (Advancing Your Career in Astronomy:  Identifying and Seizing Opportunities, Learning and Honing Professional Skills).  Her discussion on the skills needed to become a successful astronomer with a good reputation were extremely valuable...It was, however, the one-on-one career consultations that were exceptional.  Her suggestions on improving a CV have been useful, and the career advice she gave me was honest, unbiased, personalized, and well-considered.  In twenty minutes she instilled me with confidence in my decisions and future; I am exceedingly grateful for having the opportunity to meet with her. 
Alaina Levine's positive attitude and her advice will stick with me, and I want to thank you again for including her sessions." - R.R.

"I just want to express my gratitude for the advice you gave me on my resume.  I have recently accepted a job offer and am now turning down other potential opportunities.  After changing the format as you suggested, I literally got a hit a week later." - C.A.

"This was absolutely the best talk, presentation, or article on CVs and Resumes I have ever heard.  The deep insights went so far beyond the simple formatting and content of a resume." - B.B.

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