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Alaina G. Levine is an expert on a variety of topics.

Her workshops and consulting services focus on any of the following:

"This was absolutely the best talk, presentation, or article on CVs and Resumes I have ever heard.  The deep insights went so far beyond the simple formatting and content of a resume." - B.B.

Career Advancement For Scientists and Mathematicians
Scientific Professionalism in the New Millennium: The Skills You Need to Succeed in Science-based Careers
Networking for Scientists
Leadership Development for Scientists
Professional Etiquette for Scientists
Professional Etiquette for Meals for Scientists
Public Relations for Scientists
Media Relations for Scientists
Self-Promotion Strategy for Scientists
Business Strategy for the Scientific Environment
Nail the Job Interview
Resumes vs. CVs - writing, editing, improving
Cover-letter writing

Career Planning, Management, Motivation
Success Bling Bling: How to Be a Career Advancement Diva (TM)
Promote yourself like a rock star (TM)
Rock n' Roll Renewal: How to Shine Like the Star You Are (TM)
Diversity and Innovation
Personal public relations: Brand Yourself as an Expert in Your Field (TM)
Career Advancement
Career Planning
Self-promotion in the workplace
Business etiquette
Business etiquette for meals
Work and personal ethics
How to be a Star
Finding the Star within you
Nail the Job Interview
Resume writing
Cover-letter writing

Public Relations and Marketing
PR for the small business
PR for the Start-up
PR for the high-tech business (start-up and established)
Media Relations 101
Relate to the Press with Finesse
Planning and Executing Phenomenal Special Events
The connection between marketing and PR
The Art of Self-promotion
Science PR
Innovation in Public Relations: Stay Fresh, Exciting, and Cutting Edge
Parties and Celebrities and Paparazzi, Oh my! Myths and Truths of the Role of the Public Relations Professional

Organizational Management
Strategic Planning
Board Recruitment and Management
Leadership Development
Business etiquette
Business etiquette for meals
Innovate for Life (TM)
Diversity and Innovation
Think like an Entrepreneur: Triumph Like a CEO (TM)
It’s not just about the benjamins, baby: Teambuilding and Leadership to Ignite Positive Change (TM)
Work and personal ethics
Conflict Management
Change Management
Science and Business
The connection between science and business
Why science totally rocks
Alternative Careers in Science
Science Public Relations
Science Communications
Mathematics for Journalists

Think like an Entrepreneur: Triumph Like a CEO (TM)
Innovate for Life (TM)
How to encourage an intrepreneurial culture within your organization
What you need to know to start a business
Self-promotion for entrepreneurs

Humor in the Workplace
Humor in the workplace
Balancing humor in your life
Humor and spirituality
How to have fun at work

Mathematics for Journalists

And many others…

Known for her lively, interactive, and entertaining presentations, Alaina has given over 350 speeches across the United States and in Europe, and her articles have appeared in local, regional, and national publications. She is continuously asked back to speak for organizations again and again to rave reviews!

Alaina's hallmark is to teach, motivate, excite and entertain audiences with specific and strategic information that you can immediately apply and employ to lead you to even greater personal and organizational triumph. Her workshops are fun and functional, sharp and funny, and better your bottom-line like no one else.
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